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different orientations redundant

PV Berlin

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I try to simulate different orientations in one simulation. I have 35°tilt with 5° Azimuth and 25° tilt with 5° Azimuth. After click on "OK" the PVsyst Message is "Orientation #2 is redundant. Do you want to suppress it?". Only way to close the orientation dialog is to click on "yes". Than only one orientation remains and the simulation gets wrong. What can I do to fix this? (I tried 6.38 and 6.39 with same results)

Best regards :)

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There is a limit value for discriminating when 2 arrays have the same orientation.

This is in the Project's definitions, button "Albedo & Settings", page "Other limitations" > item "Discriminating orient. differences between shading planes".

This is normally fixed at 1°, but you have perhaps increased it by accident.

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