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I don't find my files in the \Data\ structure

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The files you have created or modified are normally stored in the following folders:

- Under Vista and Windows 7: c: \ ProgramData \PVsyst \ Data \

- Under XP and olders: c: \ Documents and Settings \ All Users \ Application Data \ PVsyst \ Data \

Now with Vista and Win7, if you don't have Windows rights for writing in these areas from your user session:

when the program attempts to write on this area, Windows delocalizes these files and places all files written by the program in the special location:

c:\ Users \ User \ AppData \ Local \ Virtual Store \ ProgramData \ PVsyst5 \ Data

The files in \Virtual Store\ are treated by the program as if they were located in the PVsyst folders.

NB: This is not a comfortable situation. You should obtain Windows writing rights for this folder.

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