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Autosave of shading calculation


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I often do simulations of big sites and they require quite a long time to complete the shading calculations in the 3d scene part. It happened that I left them doing it overnight or anyway when I'm not around and it can happen that for any reason the computer restarts or switch off suddenly, especially after the calculations are over but before I could save the simulation therefore losing all that work. Could you make it so it would save the shading tables automatically when it finishes calculating it?

On a different but related point: is it possible to make it so heavy 3D scenes don't slow down every other part of the software? Now if I want to change something after importing a big scene, it takes minutes just to open different panels.

Thanks for your time and best regards

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Thank you for the suggestion. We will indeed think about periodical saves during the calculation.

For the slowing of the full system by heavy shading scenes, this is not normal.

In the menu of the 3D editor, please check the item "Ignore field interpenetration check" which should become "Enable field interpenetration check". This option is usually very time-consuming.

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Hi Andre,

Just wanted to second Michele's request. If the shading calculation could be postponed until the rest of the simulation was run that would also be an advantage.

I have also seen the same same secondary issue he has with large projects slowing down the rest of the program (most recently, a 50MWp park imported from Helios 3D which took several minutes to load the main pages, losses sheet etc); however just back from leave so haven't been able to check your suggestion.


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Hi again,

The workaround that Andre proposed makes it a little better but it still takes a long time to open various parts of the software.

The shading computation I was talking about is actually the one of the tables, inside the 3d editing part of PVsyst, so it can't be postponed because it is required for the simulation, but correct me if I'm wrong.

What would you say are the main factors speeding up these calculations, speaking of hardware ?

Thanks for your time

Best regards

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