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Auto Attribution - No Filling Done


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I have a large farm, 15 MW, with 36 panels per table (~1300 tables total), with two strings of 18 panels on each table.

I am able to manual place strings onto the table, but there are ~2600 strings to place.

When I attempt the auto attribution for the entire layout, it will 'hang' for 30 minutes, and when it is done there are no more strings filled or, in other words, nothing was actually done.

When I attempt the auto attribution for a single empty table, no combination of any options puts strings onto the table, or in other words, nothing seems to be working.

Interestingly, if I go to a table that I filled in manually, clear it using the "clear this table" button under "auto attribution", then I use the auto attribution on a single table level, all the options work.

How can I get the auto attribution option working?

(Using 6.39 on windows)

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Thank you for the reply.

The program was not letting me move past the "Module" stage, which is why I posted this in the first place. That must have been because I was only partially complete the string layout. With "erase def" it made the "Module" selection green, and I went forward with the simulation. It took a few hours, which is expected of the large size, but the outcome was not expected. I ran the simulation before receiving a response, so these results may change afterwards, but I suddenly had 67% shading loss compared to my simulation that didn't include Near Shading.

For more information, I'm trying to use a vertical axis tracking system. I used "Fill Zone" to add in the ~1300 tables (large tables, 12m x 6m) at about 2 times the width/length apart from each other, to ensure minimal shading. I would not expect to see 67% shading. I ran a shadow animation for one day in mid June, and it says 0% shading. Not sure how the simulation found 67% loss. Will the "Optimized shading Calc" fix this issue? Any other reason I should be seeing such a large loss?

[side Question: The Fill Zone seems to add "PV tables", and not "Tracking PV planes". Once I run the simulation, with the "Orientation" set to Vertical Axis, will it take the Near Shading using the "PV tables" or will it take the "Vertical Axis tracking" as set in "Orientation"?]

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