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Solmetric SunEye Data


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I have Solmetric SunEye raw data file ( Average Shading,Obstruction Elebvation etc). How i can use it for shading calculation. I imported Obstructuin Elevation file to PVsyst using Horizon. But to my surprise production factor is dropping signifactnly.

Is this right approach to consider Solmetric SunEye Data for shading. How to consider other files like Average Shading file in PVsyst for shading effect.


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As explained in the help, in PVsyst you should import the file "Obstruction Elevation" for import in the Horizon tool.

However the "Far shading" loss is of course closely related to the horizon line you have imported.

You can check that this horizon line as imported by your SunEye is correct, by measuring the altitude angle of some points of your profile (on site).

NB: The Solmetric horizon profile will also include the near shading objects. The shades of near objects should not be evaluated by the "Far shadings", but by the "Near shadings" part of the software.

Therefore you have to remove their contribution in the Solmetric profile if any (i.e draw a line of the "Far" horizon only).

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