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PVsyst standard format: Decimals not always considered


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When trying to import some of my meteo data via PVsyst standard format, decimals are not always considered. That should not be a format issue car for some of my files everything is working fine.

But 5 of 10 years were not imported well. Is there a mail, I can sent a sample to, so that you could test data yourself (can't join the .csv)? The example concernes data from 2011. I also had problems with 2008,20102013 and 2014.

Do you know this problem? How can I handle it?

Thank you for your help.

Best regards

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This is not a problem of import, but just of display on the tables.

The values in the program are not truncated.

However decribing hourly values of irradiance with 0.1 W/m2 resolution doesn't make sense, as the measurements have a much higher uncertainty.

The same holds for ambient temperatures specified with 0.01°C. Did you ever try to measure an ambient temperature with a thermometer ? Even with 1°C resolution the value will not be stable over one hour !

NB: The rounding errors of measurements are always randomly distributed: the variance on several measurements goes with 1/sqrt(n) (n = number of measurements). For one year (8700 values), this becomes 0.01 times your uncertainty interval.

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