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Is PVsyst able to manage PV systems with voltage > 1000V ?

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Yes of course, PVsyst is able to perform simulations with arrays specified for 1500V or more (without limitation).

However up to now, most of the devices were limited to 1000V.

The limitations are at 2 levels:

- The inverter definition: few inverters are specified for a Maximum voltage greater than 1000V.

- PVsyst will forbid using a system voltage greater than the maximum voltage specified for the PV module.

Almost all PV modules are specified for running in Arrays which don't overcome 1000 V (IEC specification).

However you have more and more PV modules certified for 1500V in the PVsyst database.

This limitation is in the PV module's definition, page "Size and technology", item "Maximum voltage IEC". If you want to modify this value, it is under your own responsibility on the field.

The choice of IEC or UL limit during the sizing process is in the project's definitions "Albedo and Settings".

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