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Can't find output file


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i've searched and can't find a forum that deals with this.

i've just upgraded to v6.2.6 but when i try and output a simulation, the file path refers to the version 6.0.6.

I can't find the saved files.

I can't see a way to update the file path.

I've recreated the 6.0.6 file path but the files don't save there anymore.

I've reinstalled PVsyst and the same issue occurs.

In the part of the program where you define the file path i can see the files i've just saved, but they don't exist anywhere, trying to open them, copy them etc results in another error saying that the file no longer exists.

The file path referred to by PVsyst is C:\Program Files (x86)\PVsyst6.0.6\PVsyst6_Data\UserHourly

But the files aren't there.

Can someone please help?



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C:\Program Files (x86) is the space reserved by Windows for the installation of programs. You cannot write anything here.

By default when using PVsyst for the first time, the workspace of PVsyst (named \PVsyst6_Data\) is located in your personal working area, usually named "My documents" (or something like this).

Now if you have really worked with this workspace up to now (perhaps it was allowed by Windows formerly), Windows has displaced your data, and you will retrieve them in your personal working area, in a directory named

"c:\ Users \ User \ AppData \ Local \ Virtual Store \ ProgramFiles \ PVsyst6.0.6 \ PVsyst6_Data" (see our FAQ I don't find my files in the Data structure)

You should create a new data structure \PVsyst6_Data\ in your personal area (using button "New" in the Workspace dialog), and displace your \VirtualStore\ data here.

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