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Azimuth angle


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Hello, I am a realtively new user to PVsyst. In the orientation page with designing a grid connected system, it asks for a tilting angle and azimuth. Is there a rough method to find out the azimuth angle for any location. Any help in this regard would be great.

One of the example is

Latitude 23 degree north

Longitude 60 degree east.

Elevation about 300 m

Thanks in advance

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For the angle's definitions, see our FAQ How is defined the plane orientation ?.

The azimuth angle is your choice according to the environment of your installation.

Now if you want to identify the best angle - or the loss you will have if you are not at the optimal angle - you can use:

- either the little tool in the orientation dialog (button "Show optimization") for a quick but rough estimation.

- or the dedicated tool "Tools > Transposition factor", where you can get better estimation, taking eventual Horizon or periods for optimization into account.

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