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Issue adding module to database


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Running v.6.39 on Windows 8.1, when trying to manually add a module to the database the 'Model Parameters' tab disappears after any input. This means that the model cannot be calculated and that we are therefore unable to manually add any modules.

Is this bug isolated to my installation or is this version wide? Is there any current workaround?

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If there is a red warning on the blue top right panel, the Model page is indeed not available.

Now since version 6.39, there is indeed the possibility that the Rserie or Rshunt definitions produce a read warning, and this will hide the panel where you are defining these quantities.

This is indeed a bug to be corrected.

However you can:

- either define these parameters using the "Show optimization" dialog (bottom left button).

- or start from an existing module and modify its parameters.

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