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Multithread calculations


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I imagine it would require quite a big effort from you but, would it even be possible to make PVsyst use multiple threads for the shading table computation and other heavy load operations?

If it's possible, are you considering taking that step in the future?

Thanks in advance for your attention, best regards.


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This is indeed a very difficult task.

Our IT specialist has already passed some hundreds of hours on this development.

Some parts of the calculation are now "threadable" without error. However there are still ununderstood bottlenecks and we don't gain any significant time.

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Sorry for double post,

I just wanted to throw in there another idea; many software that require heavy calculation are shifting to GPU usage (especially rendering and physical simulation software), is such a development even thinkable for PVsyst?

Recent GPUs provide a huge amount of computing power for cheaper prices than powerful CPUs so that would help keeping the price for a PVsyst dedicated system in the affordable range.

Thanks for your time, best regards.

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I think it would need to recoded the whole program to push GPU to calculate it.

It's really hard task, with CUDA support of Nvidia, it would be easier but still hard.

It's better to use more threads for now on.

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