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Does PVSYST consider solar panel aging?


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I have a consulting engineers report using PVsyst

The page is titled Grid-Connected System: Long Term Financial Balance

Simulation variant: Baseline Simulation - 41 Recycle(the location)

In the Long Term economic balance the column showing Sold Energy this particular unit shows 6098

(61mWh) is mentioned in the document.

This number doesn't change for the entire column which extends from 2015 through 2044, why would your software

allow this error? I know solar panels age and produce less and less power with age.

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This tool "Long term Financial Balance" has indeed a parameter "Annual Production reduction" (expressed in %/year).

Here, if you click the button "Graphs" - "Table", you will see a column for the sold energy yearly revenue.

However the simulation results are for the first year (except if you take the ageing into account in the "Module Quality Loss").

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Can you tell me what the annual production reduction should be using the Conergy PH260P solar panels,

and any idea how or why this was not entered into this particular estimate given? Would the program not

error someone not providing some info here? I am unfamiliar with PVsyst and don't plan on using it but

am reading an energy estimate for a solar project for our city and this seems to be very important missed information

that affects the economic realities.

thank you

following is copied from the document

PV Field Orientation tilt 41° azimuth 0°

PV modules Model Conergy PH 260P Pnom 260 Wp

Long term balance and Running conditions

Annual sale tariff depreciation 0.0 % / year

Annual production reduction 0.0 % / year

Feed-in tariff Warranty over 25 years

Tariff reduction after contractual warranty 0 %

Loan duration (payment of annuities) 25 years

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