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Help please - Simulation doesn't match solar angle logic


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I need assistance with a simulation for a competition, Solar Decathlon 2015.


Time: November 28th to December 11th, 2 weeks

Location: Cali, Colombia, Latitude 3.5 N, longitude 76.5 W, Altitude 1018 meters

Solar installation: 3.5 kWp (250 Wp solar panels, 2 strings of 7 = 14 panels).

Inverter: Sunny Boy SMA 3300, any inverter above 3.3 kWp should be fine

The solar angle elevation on December 3rd, at 12 pm midday, is of 63.05 degrees and its azimuth angle is 180 degrees (located on the south). Checked on solarbeam.

Therefore, the best stiff angle for the panels with respect to the horizontal, for these 2 weeks, should be between 25 and 35 degrees (90 - 63.05) facing the south with an azimuth angle of 180. No trackers of any kind.

Results of simulation

Azimuth Angle kWh

180(south) 30 123.1

180(south) 15 159.2

180(south) 0 186.5

0(north) 15 204

0(north) 30 211

0(north) 45 207

The peak is clearly showed for the 30 degrees facing north (azimuth of 0)... but the sun is on the south.

I can't trust these results.

Please, help me :cry:

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