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Interpretation of 'Show Sizing' Graph


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Hello everybody!

This is my first time in the forum. I hope to be able to describe my doubts correctly and that someone can help me.

My doubts are related to 'Show Sizing' in the dialog 'System'.

My understanding of the explanation given by 'help' option is the following: on the one side, as long as Array Power values are below the Inverter DC Pnom, for the reason that the inverter is not limiting, purple and green steps are the same. On the other side, for Array Power values higher than Inverter DC Pnom and, due to the fact that the Inverter does limit, the energy at inverter output is lower and so the purple steps are slightly below green ones.

However, I do not understand the graphs of plenty of my simulations (please find attached the file):

- ¿Why is the purple arrow in the origin? ¿why is not located at a value slighty higher than 2100kW (at its DC limit)?

- ¿How is posible that purple steps remain above green ones? (I expected them to be the same until Inverter DC Pnom is reached, and never the purple ones above).

- It seems that for Array Power values higher than Inverter DC Pnom (at around 2100kW), the graph is as I was expecting, that is to say, with purple steps slightly below Green ones. ¿But which is the interpretation of the graph before this point?

Thank you very much in advance.



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Sorry, this was a bug in PVsyst, arising in special conditions (I don't remember which ones), and in one only version (I don't remember which one, probably 6.35).

This has been corrected in the next versions.

NB: If this behavior persist after updating to a later version, please send your whole project (using "Files > Export projects"), to support@pvsyst.com.

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