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Batch parameters CSV file


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Batch parameters csv file generated has delimiters which has "Sim_" codes in for each simulation based on the varying parameters. When I add more "sim_" codes for multiple simulations, keeping the original delimiter format, simulations run perfectly. But, as it is difficult to enter parameter values in this original format when the number of simulations to be done are high, I used "text to columns" or "import as a text file option" and easily entered the parameters. However, saving this file makes the csv file as "without delimiter" and the simulations do not go through. I saving it as another csv filename, but the simulations still do not run. How can I get around this? Is there any simple of way doing it in the original batch parameters csv file when there are many "sim_" code lines...?

Please help.

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This is a problem of CSV management in EXCEL documents, not PVsyst.

Please try to use other suited techniques for establishing your Batch command file.

For example: you can try to create your strings "Sim_xx" in another column, and use the function "=" for copying them in the suited column.

Or simply you type Sim_1, and then "drag" this into the other cells: the number will increment autmnatically.

Or others... this is from your own experience with EXCEL !

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Hi André,

Thanks for the reply. I understand it's more about proficiency in Excel.

I have a question regarding the hourly output files created from batch simulations. Is it possible to get the name of the hourly files at the beginning (just before the actual hourly data output starts from 1 January 1990)? ....I know it contains .prj, sim variant and other things there, but not the name of the .csv file itself. This is very important when combining the hourly output data from a large number of files into one worksheet, as there is no way to distinguish between the configuration (orientation/system parameters) of the respective files. Could you please suggest a way around this or a feature of PVsyst that already does this?



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