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Getting incident irradiation yet no energy into grid, hourly output file


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Hello everyone!

I'm puzzled. In an hourly simulation output file, I'm having positive values for the global incident irradiation yet the energy injected into the grid is zero for some hours. The loss factors are zero for those hours as well. I'm wondering what is the cause for this? Or is there some kind of threshold value (W/m2) in PVsyst below which energy isn't calculated?




Sorry if this has been brought up before.

Best regards,

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Yes, in the simulation there is a threshold in the incident Irradiance, fixed at 10 W/m2, under which the system is not computed.

Please observe that even by a very covered weather, we rarely observe less than 40-50 W/m2. Therefore this threshold is quite reasonable.

However this loss should indeed be accounted in the GIncLss variable. It seems this is not the case, I will check in the simulation.

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