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Sub arrays for stand alone projet


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I am new to PVsyst and have searched through this forum and I didn't find any information on how to simulate a stand alone projet with multiple sub arrays, each one coupled with its own regulator. Is it only possible for grid connected simulations?

My objective is to simulate is a remote system powered by a generator coupled with a PV system to shave off the operating hours of the generator.

Thank you for your help.

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In the present time, the "Stand-alone" part is very simplified. It is not possible to define sub-arrays, multi-orientations, and so on.

I am completely rewriting this part of the program, which will include most of the new properties developed for the grid-connected systems since the last years. This new version should be available within some few months.

However it is not possible yet to define a grid-connected system with storage. See our FAQ Can I include a battery in a Grid-Connected system?

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