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Merge or combine meteo data files


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In monthly values, you can simply redefine manually the values in the "Geographical sites" dialog, and then use the synthetic generation.

On hourly values, this doesn't make sense. You cannot average hourly values of 2 different meteo sources; when averaging hourly data of a clear day with a covered day, you will obtain a sequence of "average" hours without meaning.

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Thanks Andre.


For thermal loss factors at this point:

According to their own measurements, some users proposed, when using standard meteo values such those in the US TMY2 data (usually around 4-5 m/sec on an average in continental - not-coast places), the following U-values:

Uc = 25 W/m²·k, Uv = 1.2 W/m²·k / m/s

How are these values calculated?

Does PV Syst recommend a way this can be calculated?

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