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Batch mode and tilted arrays


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I have a ground-mounted site with a very slight (varying 1-2degrees) E-W camber/yaw (Y-axis rotation). My client has asked me to run a parametric study on the array tilt angle, with a constant pitch (i.e varying the shading angle). I've done this several times before with zero camber on other projects but this time the simulations (except the first which matches the model) are failing with the error

"Line :SIM_xxx

The orientation of the collector plane for shadings doesn't match the one defined in the "Orientation" parameters of the PV array.

Simulation not executed !"

I think this is due to the rotation in the Y axis causing a difference between the array definition tilt and azimuth (e.g. 10, 0) and the actual incident normal tilt and azimuth (~10,5.7).

Am I doing something wrong - has someone else got this to work? Or is it a limitation of the batch options? I feel like it should work so apologies if I've missed an obvious setting somewhere! If I do the same without the tilt it's quite happy.



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When performing the simulation, PVsyst checks the compatibility of the parameters between different parts of the program.

Namely the parameters specified in the 3D part should match the parameters of the "Orientation" part.

However I don't see how you do a change of the axis tilt in the batch mode: this parameter is not proposed as a modifiable parameter.

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The only parameter varied in the batch mode is the plane tilt (i.e. X-axis rotation / front-back angle from horizontal). It is varied after enabling the "Plane Orientation" tab of the batch mode setup.

The baseline slope (Y-axis rotation) and azimuth (Z-axis) are constant and are set in the 3D near-shading model. In this (problem) case, the array baseline is sloped ~1-2deg EW due to the terrain, and faces due south (azimuth = 0).

This works fine when the baseline slope is zero (or at least it appears to). If the baseline slope is non-zero, I think the problem is that the normal to the plane doesn't have the same azimuth / slope as the "nominal" aziumth / tilt.

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I run a free field project on a hilly site with near shading scene imported from Helios. Indeed the tilt angle and azimuth were auto updated in the simulation. The new tilt angle and azimuth are different from the intended ones and caused some confusion to the client.

Could you please explain why?

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Hi, I believe I have the same issue as the original post.

Using PVsyst V6.43:

Created one variant with PV sheds at fixed tilt 60 deg, 90 deg azimuth (aligned N-S), and positioned on a 1-deg sloped surface.

Would like to run batch simulation only varying the fixed tilt (same weather file, same module layout, same sloped surface).

However, for any simulation with a tilt angle that does not match the tilt angle in the variant definition, I get the error message: "Error: The orientation of the collector plane for shadings doesn't match the one defined in the "Orientation" parameters of the PV array"

As the original post mentions, there is no problem running batch simulation varying only the panel til when the sheds are positioned on a flat (0-deg) surface.

Should I use the Ground construction tool to create the sloped surface instead? Is there a better way to use batch simulation of varying panel tilt angles on a sloped surface?

Use case: hourly results from all simulations serve as a large look-up table to determine "best" tilt angle at every hour for the weather data used in the variant.

Thank you for your time.


my near shadings construction

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