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OND-file issue


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I noticed a small bug regarding OND files since I have updated to v. 6.38.

In some cases I get the message that the inverter is invalid. If I open the OND file the "Power Threshold" of the inverter is 0. This explains the message. (By the way, the OND file is from the PVsyst Database).

Interesting to see that if I open the same Inverter in the same Workspace (should be the same OND file) in PVsyst 6.37 it shows the correct value.

I noticed this beavoir for ABB PVS800-57-1000kW. But I recognized this bug in some other OND files too.

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I have indeed changed some behavior for the Pthreshold in the version 6.37, and this warning for PThres=0 is an unexpected consequence, sorry....

With this error the inverter dialog may crash (especially when openting the Efficiency page). For avoiding this you should put a not null value for Pthresh, and save the OND file as a new file in the database.

This will be of course be corrected in the next version 6.39.

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