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Error when a tracking plane is defined in the shading scene with azimuth different from 0


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I need to modelize a tracking horizontal N-S axis system.

In the orientation module, I set the following parameters:

Axis tilt : 0°

Axis azimuth : -11°

Phi min: -50°

Phi max: +50°

Backtracking : yes

Pitch: 3.92m

Collector width:1.96m

In the shading scene, I use the same parameter, but I can't change the axis azimuth when backtracking is activated. At the end, I got an error message:

"You have defined a tracking plane in the shading scene. All tracking parameters should match the "Orientation" definition.

Here, Tilted axis tracking: the axis orientations don't match"

With version 6.3.7, we can't avoid using a 3D scene, so what should I do ?

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