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Problem uploading meteo files


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I am running version 5.59 on a macbook pro via parallels desktop and windows XP. Whenever I try to upload new metro files, I get this message:




And then when I click ok I get this message




I am getting my data sets from the NREL website the same as I have always done. Has this been an issue for anyone else?


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For the first problem: the version 5 of PVsyst is not able to recognize network paths (beginning by \\). You should put your source file in a path beginning by a disk letter.

For the second problem: The TMY format follows a very strict definition.

PVsyst only recognizes files following the TMY2 or TMY3 protocol definitions.

But perhaps something was not up-to-date in this very old version 5.59. You should update to the version 5.74.

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