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CSVs and Daily PRs


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I'm trying to do a few simulations with the Design on Helios3D with multiple tilts (Multiple helios3D files) then i combine the CSV files in order to see the production / PRs for the PV plant with the tilts corresponding to the days i find better.

When using daily values we get some PR's that doesn’t make sense and when i do the average PR I get lower PR with this multiple tilts but better production

On the CSV with the multiple tilts I’m excluding Values under 10% of the maximum value for each month and it gives me something near the average PR of the 3 Tilts configuration

But I don’t know if it makes sense either the PR should be +/- constant because if we have low irradiation the production should fall down as well making the PR +/- the same as a high Irradiation day?

At least when we measure with our pyrometers the PR goes +/- constant with low deviations between max and min and without that low values that shows on the image bellow

Do you have any idea how to make this seem right?

This image is just an example of the PRs from 1 month




Thank you for your support

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Sorry, I don't understand well what you are doing.

However mathematically, averaging PR for different periods doesn't make sense: you have to add the GlobInc and E_Incid values, and calculate the PR with these sums.

Please see our FAQ "How is calculated the PR ?"

Now I don't understand well why you have so low PR with low irradiations: for analyzing this you should study the detailed losses in hourly values.

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