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Self-consumption with zero grid feeding


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I am interested in purchasing a product license, but we have a doubt about the usefulness of the tool.

In Spain currently, due to the limitations of legislation to inject energy into the grid, have become important the facilities for self-consumption with zero grid feeding. How can we simulate these facilities with your software?

In our case, we have to start the facility design from the hourly or quarter-hourly load curves of the building for sizing the PV system, and we want to see the effect of self-consumption with zero grid feeding. In the times when solar production exceeds demand of the building, instead of feeding the grid, rows are switched off.

This is the situation we are interested in. Is it possible to simulate with the software?

I hope your answer, greetings.

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Yes, it is possible to simulate this situation.

In the calculation version parameters, you have an option "net metering", which requires to define your self-consumption profile.

After defining that, the simulation will evaluate de self-consumed energy, and the energy reinjected into the grid sepaprately. You can simply consider to discard the energy into the grid (E_Grid).

However this cannot be explicitely shown on the report (the EGrid will always be mentioned in the result).

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