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Long shading objects, perspective & wireframe view


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Sometimes PVsyst's display of long thin objects (e.g. a hedge 700m long along the edge of a large field) gets a little confused at certain zoom levels. The shading calculations seem to be fine, just the visual display; sometimes the colour view also works okay. Similarly distortions can occur on particularly large projects. These often then overspill the display area on the report.

While I'm at it, for big projects option to disable the perspective view (i.e. a simple isometric view) would be easier to work with / navigate at times, particularly when zooming in on the far end of a park some way from the origin.

Thanks as ever.


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I had indeed defined an Axonometry view mode in a very old time (see the main menu "View > Specify observer's position"), but it seems that this functionnality has been lost along the evolutions of the 3D editor...

We will try to correct this in a next version.

We have also to analyze the problem of very long objects, distorted when far outside of the screen.

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