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how to upgrade from PVsyst 5 to 6


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I am currently running on PVsyst 5.74 and I have just purchased the upgrade license to PVsyst 6.

Can i install and run both versions on license? or do i need to uninstall PVsyst 5 before registering my upgrade license on PVsyst 6?

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Nothing prevents you to run PVsyst V5 and PVsyst V6 in parallel on the same machine.

Simply the data structures are not the same: you cannot use files created with the version 6 in the version 5 (but the inverse is possible: downwards compatibility).

You can even run several Versions 6.xx simultaneously on the same machine. The installation process gives you the choice of "Parallel Install".

However be careful: if you share the same data structure, some files created using a recent version may be in error with older ones.

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