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Problem with Mixed Orientations


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To test Mixed Orientations, I created two simple models in the latest PVsyst V6.34 which should have the same output, but they don't and I don't understand why. The arrays and the modeled output are as follows:


  1. 8 unlimited sheds at 0° tilt and 90° azimuth = 296 MWh/yr
  2. several orientations at 0° tilt/-90° azimuth and 0° tilt/90°azimuth = 113 MWh


For the second I'm configuring the system for 1 sub-array, Mixed #1 and #2, equal strings in each orientation, and I'm using the same module, inverter, modules in series, and number of strings as the first simulation. But why is there such a big difference?

The big losses in the second simulation that are not significant in the first are -18% Ohmic wiring loss, -16% Inverter Loss over nominal inv. power, and -47% Inverter Loss due to voltage threshold.

Thank you.

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