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Parallel installation and upgrade of PVsyst through network

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Some companies use a network environment to install software on end-user computers.

The basic command line to install PVsyst using msiexec is the following one :

msiexec.exe /i "PVsyst6_3_4_setup.msi" /qn

This command will perform a silent installation of PVsyst, upgrading any other previous version automatically.

But you might also want to perform a parallel install, which you can do by adding the following parameter to the command line :

msiexec.exe /i "PVsyst6_3_4_setup.msi"/qn UPGRADE=NO

This will perform a silent parallel installation !

NB : The /i parameter is used when the command is executed on the computer where PVsyst will be installed, depending on the environment you may have to use /a, please refer to the Microsoft documentation for further information.

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