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String configuration and actual Inverter Connections 'Urgent help Needed'


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Hi I'd like to know if PVsyst simulation takes into account the total number of actual available string inputs to a particular inverter. For example if I have a system design using a 20 kW schnider electric CL20000 inverter x2 = 40kWac and a DC strings of HIT 240Wp maodules , 15 (series) and no. of strings = 12 can the same configuration be practically be connected to the inverter? This inverter actually has maximum no. of strings that can be connected to it = 4 or 6.45kW per input. PVsyst system design gives 3.6kW per string and total of 12 such string to achieve desired 43kW DC capacity. What infers from this is that even though PVsyst may suggest a particular string configuration, it may not always be possible that it matches for proper connection to a particular inverter to achieve a desired kWp capacity (43kWp in this case). Please suggest if this is correct or am I missing something.


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