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i am try to simulate first solar 105W (sep 2014) in PVsyst 6.32

1. the parameter in PVsyst with A little different from datasheeet why? and who

2. PVsyst Thoughtful technology that thin film shade is less that poly or mono ?

3. thermal loss factor U in "free" is 29w/m^2K or more ?

4. i am try to run same simulation with POLY and the result Almost irrespective , the big change is only in temperature losses but According to the theory electrical shade must be less no ??


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Some answers to these numerous questions:

1. The parameters in the database of PVsyst have been provided by the manufacturer. Please ask them.

2. With thin film modules (i.e. cells are 1cm width on the length of the module):

- the effect of the linear shadings (i.e. irradiance deficit) is exactly the same as for crystalline modules,

- the electrical effect (mismatch) will be null if the shades are perpendicular to the cells, but maximal (i.e. 100% loss) it they are parallel to the shades (i.e. one cell shaded as soon as the shade is active).

3. The thermal loss factor is mainly related to the mounting mode (back-insulated or not). It is not (or very slightly) dependent on the technology of the module.

4. As you mention, the differences of performance are essentially on the thermal losses, as the muPmp coefficient is lower. They may also be different concerning the irradiance loss. For the shadin loss, only the electrical effect can be recovered (or enhanced if the modules (cells) are not well disposed).

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