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Inverter with Multi-MPPT


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I have a problem with multi-Mpp's since updating to 6.3.3

It seems that this tool doesnt work properly at the moment. (See Picture)




I would aspect a Pnom Ratio of 1.144. It seems to be correct, if I check the checkbox for Multi MPP and double the ammount to 300 then it seems to be correct. But I don't trust it completely, because the simulation result with this seems to be realy bad.

If I unceck the checkbox, after doubeling the amount to 300 I would aspect the Pnom ratio to fall below 1, but this dosn't happen, but the global Inverter power does double (as aspected).




Do I understand something wrong or is there a bug within the calculation?

Another point is, if I change the OND-file and just use one MPP, it seems to be plausible and the simulation gives a plausible value too, but I don't feel really comfortable by changing the OND-file.

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