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Is it possible to have a reflective surface in PVsyst


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Hi i have a PV design that needs to have a reflective surface. I was wondering if it was possible to have a reflective material in the PVsyst software so i can have a more accurate system sizing.

just so you know i have a very basic knowledge of PVsyst so the more detail you can include the better.

any help you can give i will be extreamly grateful.

Many thanks

Jonathan Ebdy

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Sorry, this is not possible in PVsyst.

This would be very difficult to manage reflexions in a general way, as these are highly dependent on the geometry, the incidence irradiance and the surface's reflexion properties.

By the way please remember that in a string of modules, the current of the worst cell drives the current of the whole string. Therefore if you don't have a perfect uniformity on at least one string area, you won't gain anything.

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