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How to select the Model for Diffuse radiation


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When I do simulation with PVsyst V6.12 the output report generated showing the Transposition as Perez and Diffuse as Measured. Where as with V6.32 the transposition is Perez but the Diffuse is Erbs,Meteo.Please let me know that this Diffuse model can be selected manually instead of the software on its own.



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The diffuse model is not selectable.

- When creating a synthetic hourly data file, PVsyt uses the model implemented by Meteonorm. We don't have much details about it.

- When importing matao data

- In all other cases when importing hourly meteo data without diffuse, PVsyst uses the Erbs model, implemented within PVsyst.

Now on the report, just the denomination has changed. In the first versions 6, imported hourly diffuse was named "measured". But it is usually not the case, as in the great majority of the imported meteo data the diffuse is also obtained from a model. Therefore the new denomination is "imported".

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