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PAN and OND "Specificities"


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We keep a library of modified PAN and OND files, and have in the past added lines to the "Specificities" text box to keep track of usage notes and references to source information. This use appears inconsistent with the contents of the clipboard when pasting into the Components.xls file since the columns seem to get misaligned.

Is the official use of "Specificities" likely to continue to allow such information to be stored? We have observed that the "Remarks" field does not appear to save/restore at all from the PAN file, and our notes tend to take several lines ... we have considered putting a one-line file-path to an internal documentation directory or external web-page in place of such usage notes... if there were a dedicated field for such then we would use that.

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What about the misalignment that occurs if more than four lines are entered into the Specificities? Is the intent that no more than four lines ever be entered, or just that such extra lines may be recorded in the PAN file but are not guaranteed to be recorded in the clipboard?

Also, do you intend to cause the Remarks field to work properly?

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