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tracker rotation limitations - input confusion in 6.21


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Hello PVsyst team,

When entering the tracker Phi limits the orientation screen images make it appear that a +/- 60 degree rotation must be entered as +/- 30. However, the results make it clear that entering as +/- 60 is correct. Can you clarify? Perhaps the images (little animations) on the orientation tab should be edited to make it clearer?

Thanks very much.


Blue Oak Energy

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I concur, I think that the diagram in PVsyst is incorrect or very hard to interpret. When you enter -30 to plus 30 the diagram shows this as the most rotation, whereas when you enter -60 to +60 the diagram shows this as the least rotation, however the results show something different, energy output is greater in the -60 to +60 case indicating that perhaps the inputs are correct and the diagram is wrong.


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I'm afraid that you have completely misunderstood this little visual tool.

The blue line represents the PV module plane (as seen from the prolongation of the axis).

The green branches are the normals to this plane.

As anywhere in PVsyst, red dots are for dragging with the mouse.

You can play with the red dots for setting the stroke limits, and then orientate the PV modules between these limits as you like.

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