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View energy production for each inverter in the system


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When simulating a field of dual-axis trackers with a string inverter attached to each tracker, I want to know the energy production of each tracker. This does not appear to me to be possible with the current version (6.3.2) of PVsyst. For non tracking arrays it is possible to build a shading scene with non active (no PV modules) elements replacing the PV elements that are not of interest. But this method does not work for trackers since there is no tracking shade obstacle available without PV modules. I would be able to do the simulations I want if one of the following two features were implemented:

1) Option to build a tracking object in the shading scene that has no PV modules attached to it

2) Ability to view energy production for every inverter in the system

Does anyone have a suggestion on how I can build a simulation that shows the annual energy production of a subset of (1 or more, but not all) trackers in a field, shaded by other trackers with the current version of PVsyst?


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For defining dummy trackers, you can specify a tracker with the same properties of your active one, and set the corresponding PVArray area to 0 (or almost 0) by defining the top and bottom inactive bands.

But sorry, giving specific results for sub-systems is not possible in the present time.

If we want to do that with some generality, this requires a rather big programming work for the specification of the required values, the accumulation during the simulation and the presentation of the results.

If we define this just for one or two specific cases, we will of course inmmediately have requests for other cases...

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Thanks for the suggestion to define dummy trackers. I just tried it, and it works for linear shading but not for shading by modules. When I tried with shading by modules first it crashed, then I restarted and ran the simulation but the results show no electrical loss due to shading. Then when I tried to calculate the shadings for the table in the "module layout" dialog a message popped up that said "please define the string attributions for all Tables". It seems that all tables must have PV modules on them, even if the area is very small. Is it possible to change the software to allow tables without PV modules? Is there another way to create a dummy tracker that works with shading by modules?
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