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Light-soaking on CIS modules


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In a PV simulation should we consider using the Light Soaking effect of the CIS modules?

It increases the PR a lot and I don’t know if this effect takes place for a long period of time or just for 1 year or a shorter time?

The module im using is Solibro 125Wp witch has +2.5% Light Soaking effect

With this increase of performance this modules takes advantage by all the other modules,

I'm a bit afraid of giving this hight values to our clients (86%PR in France lat:44.4°N), should I simulate with or without light soaking effect?

Thank you for your support.

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Hi Andre,

The PVsyst help section states, "...you should be aware that the resulting simulation will not be valid for the first production year..."

Could provide some additional information or explanation on why the light-soak gain is not valid for first year energy? I was thinking it might have to do with the time it takes to stabilize, but would like to hear from you on the matter.

Thank you.

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