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1500V Grid connected system simulation


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Hi there,

I need to do a grid connected 1500V system in PVsyst. In the Design Parameters setting, there are only options for 1000V and 600V system. Does anyone have experience in doing a simulation of a 1500V system? My PVsyst version is PVsyst 6.3.2. Thanks a lot!


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This option is for the choice of the IEC or UL Maximum voltage parameter of the PV module.

For a given PV module, you can have simultaneously an IEC certification (most of the time 1000 V), and a UL certification (usually 600V) for use in the USA.

During the design, PVsyst will choose one or the other of these parameters according to your choice.

For defining a system operating up to 1500V, you have to find a PV module which is certified for this high voltage.

These are still very scarce. No more than perhaps 2-3 models in the database in the present time.

Otherwise for being able to perform the simulation, you have to change this parameter in your PV module definition (and save it under another file name). But it is at your own risks in the reality.

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I need to do PVsyst simulation (in Version 6.47) for

1) 1500V DC PV system

2) with 1500V Jinko & Trina solar modules

3) 1500V LV5000 GE Inverter

Can PVsyst generates correct (fair estimation as at site) results for 1500V system simulation ?

Because options in PVsyst are only for 1000V and 600V system.

Thanks a lot!

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As i have already writted in my previous answer, there is no limitation in PVsyst.

The limits are in the component's parameters (PV modules and Inverters).

In the project's parameter, please read correctly:

- IEC (usually 1000V)

- UL (usually 600V)

This has nothing to do with the simulation, it is an indication of the regulation rules in different countries (UL in the US, IEC for all other countries).

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The VMax values for the PV modules in the PVsyst database are specified by the manufacturers themselves, and should correspond to the datasheets.

The datasheets still often specify 600V as Max. voltage for use in the US, and I will certainly not change this without the acknowledgement of the manufacturers of course. It is their responsibility to modify this value.

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