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Problem with unbalanced inverter SMA Tripower with 1 MPPT unconnected


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I have a problem with a SMA STP10000TL-10 with only MPPT 1 connected really (2*22 panels 235W). I obtain a error at each trial :

If i create only one subsystem with this inverter (main input 2*22), i have an error, i must to define the second MPPT.

If i create two subsystem (main input 2*22), it's impossible to define 0 to secondary MPPT.

If i create two substem (main input 1*22 & secondary input 1*22), the inverter is marked as highly undersized.

I don't understand this particular case ?!! Could you explain to me for resolving?

Thanks !!!!!

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PVsyst doesn't allow using the Unbalanced inverters with only one input.

And one string of 5.17 kW on the secondary input is indeed strongly oversized for this input. You could define this configuration by increasing the allowed "Overpower loss" in the project's parameters (button "Albedo-Setting).

But the simpler way is to redefine the inverter as a device with one only MPPT input.

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