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component file management during upgrade


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When I upgrade PVsyst, I often get the following message: "The component ___ has been modified by respect to the original database. Do you want to keep your modifications?". Can you explain what actions on my part have triggered this message, and the implications of choosing yes or no? Is PVsyst detecting this situation based on duplicate component names, or duplicate file names? I want to avoid overwriting a custom PAN file that we might have modified internally or received from the manufacturer. At the same time, I do want to upgrade component files with the newest information.

Some additional detail on this situation would help me better understand how to respond when this question arises. Thanks!


Blue Oak Energy

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The "primary key" of the component's databases in PVsyst is the file name.

Now if you modify a component and save it with the same filename as in the database, your customized component will "Hide" the component of the PVsyst original database.

After a new installation, PVsyst asks whether you want to keep this masking component, and gives the opportunity of suppressing it.

When you personnalize a component of the database, you are advised to give it a different filename.

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