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2 entrances for the same parameter


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Some parameters within PVsyst would be presented at 2 different locations. As far as I know, LID and IAM could be reached from either PAN or “Detailed losses”.

Why two accesses are set for them? If module manufacture set them in PAN file, and want users to run the simulation with the defined values, then it would be possible for user to modify them when setting up the model, without modifying the PAN file. And it may result in a different yield simulation result. In nowadays, some customers require module manufactures provide some kind of yield warranty, and a customized PAN file would be used in this case. Definitely, modification to the parameters would make some confusion.

Could the two be integrated to one? Or which one would be used to run the simulation within PVsyst?

BTW, regarding LID loss in “Additional Data” -> “Secondary parameter”, the link of help was wrongly directed to “Array Thermal Loss” page (A bug?).

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This behavior is exactly what we want.

For the IAM: the manufacturer may change the default IAM value in the his PV module defintions.

Now the user has the choice of using the IAM proposed by the manufacturer or not, without changing the PV module definitions.

And if the IAM is not specified, the user can specify a customized IAM.

The IAM values used by the simulation are reported in the final report.

In the same way, this is the case for other parameters like the LID (this parameter is rarely specified, the user may want to use it or not when comparing different modules).

And for other parameters like the Auxiliaries of an inverter, etc.

The definitive choice for the simulation is always the user's specification in the "Detailed losses".

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