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Importing Meteo Data SolarGis V6.31


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I'm having this problem trying to import meteo data from SolarGis .csv file.

I was trying to set time zone correctly, since for some reason PVsyst doesn't load the file with the correct time zone but it has never been a problem, I just set it up correctly and it is all good. Now the button Show Data and Save Site are not selectable.


It all worked just fine before update V6.31 installation about a week ago.

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There is indeed a problem here.

The Time zone is not included in the SolarGIS monthly data. PVsyst has to set a default value.

Up to now the defaut value was just taken as a function of the longitude, which is not correct for everywhere.

In the version 6.31, we have introduced the reading of a web service (when available). However it seems that this does't work well in all cases.

This will be corrected for the next version 6.32. In the meantime for reading your SolarGIS files you should reinstall the version 6.30 (available from www.pvsyst.com). You can install it in parallel with your version 6.31.

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