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Import Z,Y,Z coordinates of each table into a 3D shading scene

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Dear PV Syst team, i am looking for some guidance on the following problem.

I am designing a 6MW PV site on a south facing slope, I have to coordinates (x,y,z) of each 10m table in a design and i want to look into the output of this design.

Is there a way to import these x,y,z points into a PV Syst shading scene other than manually inputting each table one by one (this would involve over 1000 entries)? ultimately i need to position each table (x,y,z) in the 3d shading scene.

Any advise would be much appreciated

Thank you

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No, there is no way of file input in the present time, except using the format specified for the Helios3D files.

However if your "tables" are regular (pitch and spacing) you are advised to use arrangement in sheds.

And specifying "long" sheds instead of 10m tables will also strongly reduce the calculation time.

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