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SMA inverters with very different MPPT inputs


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Good afternoon,

I use PVsyst 5.57 and I don’t manage to simulate a project with SMA inverters.

The configuration is :

4 inverters SMA STP17000TL-10 with (4 strings of 16 modules and 1 string of 10 modules) per inverter

The modules are the Pro L3 mono from Solar-Fabrik AG (250 Wp)

I read what André Mermoud wrote about how using the inverters with very different MPPT inputs :

“Nevertheles you can overcome the problem by modifying the number of MPPT inputs in the inverter definition. Please redefine your inverter with a number of MPPT inputs equal to your total number of strings (and save it under another file name). After that, you can define one subfield with one MPPT and one string, and the second subfield with the remainder of MPPT inputs. In the reality, the strings of the second inputs will of course be regrouped on the second "physical" MPPT input.”

How to do ? I created a new inverter with 20 strings (5 strings per inverter). But I don’t know I to do to simulate with my configuration…

Thank you for your answer.

Aurélie from France

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