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Changing solutions for stand alone systems


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I have a problem when I am calculating stand alone systems.

When I am in System, I introduce the daily needs, and, when I choose the batteries or the module, I got the numbers of the

batteries, and the modules, and the configuration serie/parallel.

Until here it´s all right. The solution can be, by example, an installation with 70kWp.

But, when I reload this project, by any reason, the check box of the number of modules in parallel is not select. All the data are the same (70kWp, the number of modules, etc.)

If I select the check box, then the solution changes, changes the number of the modules in parallel, and, of course, changes the total power. By example, 64kWp. Only if I select the check box.

If I close the proyect without save, and i try it another time, i have the same problem, but the solution is another! (By example, 63kWp)

As result, I can´t to know the correct solution. Is it the first solution?

Can you help with this problem?

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