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Creating a Regulator for Pumping System


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I am running PVsyst 6.26.

I have some questions about creating a Regulator/Converter Device for Pumping System.

1. When I create a new model, PVsyst suggests as File name "New.RLT". Shouldn't it be "New.RLP"? Have I to change the extension manually?

2. I need some clarification about Output (Pump driving) data (MPPT converter tab). Are nominal/maximal quantities referred to inverter output (AC - connection with pump motor)? Can I consider:

Nominal output voltage: AC rated output voltage of inverter?

Nominal Output power: rated output power of inverter (the rated power of the motor to be connected)?

Maximal Output Power: the maximum output power (i.e. Irms x Vrms x SQRT(3), in kVA?

Can you please give me better explanation?

Also I have noticed that the nominal Output Current is automatically calculated as Maximal Output Current/Nominal Output voltage, as if it was a DC output stage. But I have a MPPT-AC inverter!

Therefore, I have seen that, when I try to use the above defined regulator inside a project, (Pumping System definition - Further system characteristics), anytime I enter there, the Regulator

/ Power conditioning device is always set to Default regulator. Anytime I have to uncheck "Default regulator", and choose it again, even if I save the current variant. Is it a bug or it's OK?

Thank you in advance,

Best regards,

Claudio Davalle

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