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X and Y spacing in module layout


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Does the Y space corresponds to spacing between two modules in the same row (two modules above each other) or corresponds to row spacing?

How to make it if i would like to place two horizontal modules? or how to specify the number of horizontal modules per each row?

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For trackers it doesn't equate to logical sense.  X axis in shade scene is east west.  But a single axis tracker's "X spacing" will actual spread the modules further apart in the Y direction along length of tracker which is the "Y axis in shade scene".    Typing a value in the "Y spacing" of .02m or 10m doesn't appear to do anything to the tracker dimension because the modules are 1 in portrait along single axis tracker n/s.  **1 in portrait I should clarify further even: meaning industry standard description of the long side of module set E/W and module short width is N/S...pvsyst may or may not have "portrait or landscape" label correct in 3d scene for 1-axis trackers depending on the version you're using. So you have to sanity check all the visuals and measure stuff until you get fired for taking so long to model a solar site.

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