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Near Shading Simulation


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Hi, Im using PVsyst V6.30 and I did a simulation with 2-axis tracking system.

I read the topic about the shading loss on diffuse: http://forum.pvsyst.com/viewtopic.php?f=30&t=694 but Im still confused. The "near shading" in my simulation is very high, 10,7%. Is this normal? I noticed a big shading loss on diffuse and albedo. Here are some shading loss on my system:




The PR of my system is 69,8%. I think this is a low PR for tracking system. What do you think? These values are normal? Any recommendation?


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Hi, I repetead the simulation with just 1 tracker to avoid mutual shading and I still have 10,7% of near shading. So I decided to start a new project with the same modules, same inverter and same configuration as before but in a different location.

First simulation I placed just 1 tracker and chose Canada for my location using meteonorm 6.1 station;

Second simulation I placed just 1 tracker and chose Sao Paulo for my location using meteonorm 6.1 station.

In the fisrt simulation the "near shading" was 0,1% which is good for a tracking system.

In the second simulation the "near shading" was 10,7 which is bad for tracking system.

Do you know what am I doing wrong? Do you know if the location can affect so much in the near shading calculation? In both simulations, my near shading scene is empty. There is just 1 tracker in the scene!

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