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How i Use Cable Run in the Detailed Loss Section?


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Hi Vijay,

I have similar requirements and have requested this already in the Suggestions sub-forum: http://forum.pvsyst.com/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=1785

In the meantime you can manually calculate the impedance as a % loss at STC load and input that. It does make for an odd parameter in the report (since PVsyst tries to work out what cable/length that equates to) which you may have to explain to your client but the result stands.


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The cable diameters is only a "help" (or additional information) for the calculation of wiring resistive losses.

The relevant parameter is the wiring resistance. This is the only parameter used for the wiring loss calculation.

For big or complex systems you are advised to calculate it by your usual calculation methods, without relying on the PVsyst propositions.

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