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Intrerpretation of mismatch losses plot from PVsyst Tools


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Hello everyone,

I hope you can help me to solve this doubt.

On the PV Syst tool "Electrical behavior of PV arrays"/ "Mismatch" we can generate a graph which will determinate the mismatch losses according to Normal or square distribution. On the graph generated there are 4 different MPPs, green dot, black dot, green square and black square.

What are the differences between squares and dots?



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The filled circles mark the MPP and in the legend you find the power loss at MPP which is the difference in power between the average (green) curve and the resulting one (black).

In order to show, that the losses can become larger if you work at a fixed voltage, the graph also shows the difference in current for V = Vmpp * 0.9 (where Vmpp is taken from the black curve). This is marked by the open squares.

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